Reliable excellence in surfacing materials

Established in 2001, Tyflong International, Inc. is an American specialty chemical manufacturer and distributor that is committed to supplying high quality and consistent surfacing materials for the flat glass and mirror, precision optics, ophthalmic, electronics, crystals, automotive, and semiconductor industries.

We offer customized products including cerium oxide based polishing powders, polishing slurries, suspension and cleaning liquids, grinding and polishing tools, and polishing pads.

Years of research and development work have allowed us to develop cerium oxide based products with superior performance and functionality. We continue to research ways to refine and improve our products so they will continue to deliver superior results for the most demanding surfacing applications.

Product Highlights

AquaPol is a storage stable, water based, cerium oxide paste formulation for surface scratch removal. The aqueous based product has been designed for ease of use, and ease of clean-up.

AquaSilk is a concentrated suspension liquid that can be used in slurries made with various polishing compounds. AquaSilk will improve polishing efficiency, achieve better surface finish, reduce material and labor costs.

DuraGloss non-woven polishing pad for silicon, ceramic, glass, sapphire, quartz, germanium, and lithium niobate.

Tyflong News

Tyflong Cerium Oxide Polishing Wheel

Tyflong DuraGloss cerium oxide polishing wheels polish any thickness of glass, produce brilliant edges and bevels.

Glasstec 2016 Dusseldorf, Germany

Thank you very much for visiting our booth and for your interest in our products. See you in 2018.

EU REACH Registration

Tyflong will meet all EU REACH requirements and is committed to providing our customers with the necessary information about chemicals in our products.