Reliable excellence in surfacing materials

Tyflong is the world's leading supplier of cerium oxide based polishing powders, polishing slurries, and polishing wheels.


We manufacture a range of purities, particle sizes, particle shapes, and particle surface areas. We have been supplying the most consistent products in the industry.

Flat Glass, Mirrors

Pre-silvering cleaning, glass edging and beveling, auto mirror polishing

Precision Optics

Polishing of high quality optics, watch crystals and quartz polishing

Hard Disks

Glass and glass ceramic substrates


Ophthalmic lenses, molds and Rx lens polishing


Soda lime, borosilicate, quartz polishing

Crystals & Chatons

Decorative and glassware

Polishing Wheels and Pads

Resin and rubber based formulations for wheels and polishing pads

Companies we work with:

Schott Glass

Zeiss Lenses

Hoya Optics

Tyflong International Inc.

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