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Established in 2001, we have been developing and marketing customized surfacing and polishing products and solutions. We work with our customers in order to help them with their unique manufacturing requirements.

We provide application specific solutions for polishing and planarization of different substrate materials. Our product compositions can be prepared in either dry or aqueous vehicle systems. Our powder materials can be tailored to meet particle size, density, and surface area specifications.

We specialize in the particle science and invest in R & D consistently. Whether you need to meet tighter surface flatness requirements, reduce production cycle times, or have any other essential requirement for your product – we will work with you to satisfy it.

Our extensive research and development efforts have allowed us to address technical issues such as material removal rate, suspension and dispersion, slurry re-circulation, slurry re-dispersibility, surface roughness, and surface finishes.

We're constantly searching for ways to refine our products so they will continue to deliver superior results for the most demanding surfacing applications. A sample of each batch is retained for 12 months. Our rigorous quality assurance program begins with raw materials and continues with their manufacture and production all the way to the final packaging and distribution.

Your success relies on the excellence of your product. Excellent products are produced from superior components. Our products play an essential role in helping your product be the best. Excellence is our commitment to our customers.

We offer technical support and work with our customers to develop or improve their production processes. We are committed to working with customers on specific needs and welcome the opportunity to provide you with high quality products at competitive prices.

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