Glass Scratch Removal Polishing Paste

Developed by Tyflong. Manufactured in the USA.


AquaPol is a storage stable, thixotropic, water based, abrasive based paste formulation for window and glass polishing applications.


The product is used for surface scratch removal from glass surfaces. The aqueous based product has been designed for ease of use, and ease of clean-up.


AquaPol comprises a sub-micron abrasive paste that removes glass surface defects such as swirl marks, fine scratches and water spots.


Handy squeeze bottle

for ease of use and precise application

  • Aqueous, thixotropic gel for good adhesion to the glass surface, and economy of use
  • High abrasive content for high removal rate
  • Aqueous formulation for rapid clean up with no residue
  • Removes water marks, and light scratches
  • Can be used with a suitable polishing cloth or rotary machine polisher

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