Tyflong distributes an impressive line of diamond tools and glass polishing wheels.

CNC Peripheral Diamond Wheels

From metal bond diamond wheels to resin bond dimaond wheel, as well as spiral wound felt wheel and composite polishing wheels.

Peripheral wheels utilize their peripheral surface to polish edge profiles. Peripheral wheels are primarily used for producing pencil and ogee shapes as well as flat edges.

Tyflong supplies a wide range of router bits; mill router, trap router, and countersinks for all types of CNC work centers.


Composite polishing wheel, 10S, BK, RR40

Composition polishing wheels are made from abrasives such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, cerium oxide, which are bonded with resin or plastic media to a ring-shaped polishing wheel.

Composite polishing wheel available:

  • Arris polishing wheel
  • Edging polishing wheel
  • Available in different sizes and configurations

Metal Bond and Resin Bond Diamond Wheel

Our long life turbo resin bond diamond wheel can process up to 16,000 meters of glass.

Diamond Wheel available:

  • Solid face, turbo face, segmented, metal and resin bond
  • Bovone Beveler MiniMax 371/361
  • Bovone Edger ELB 10/45, 17/45, 14/45
  • Schiatti Edgers
  • Adelio Lattuada Edgers
  • Besana Lovati Edgers
  • Bavelloni, Bottero

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