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Tyflong International, Inc. is an American company that is committed to supplying high quality and consistent surfacing and polishing materials. Tyflong develops and markets abrasive based polishing powders and slurries, cleaning and suspension liquids, glass polishing and edging wheels, and glass processing tools.


Years of research and development work have allowed us to develop surfacing and polishing products with superior performance and functionality. Our products have been adopted by many large glass and precision optics fabricators in the U.S. Our surfacing and polishing slurries clean up the rough surface from lapping or coarse grinding, exhibit exceptional long life, and produce brilliant finishes.


We continue to research ways to refine and improve our products so they will continue to deliver superior results for the most demanding surfacing applications.

Product Highlights

AquaSilk Abrasive Suspension Liquid

During the polishing operations, the abrasive powders and ground glass fines are mixed. When this mixture falls out of suspension, it forms a layer of hard sludge at the bottom of slurry tank. Are you having difficulty cleaning or re-suspending the hardened sludge/sediment? Does the slurry adhere/bond to the surface of glass parts?

Our Aquasilk is a concentrade suspension liquid that solves all these problems.

SwiftCut Glass Polishing Powder

An all-purpose white glass polish, SwiftCut has a very high glass removal rate and delivers an excellent surface finish. Its unique suspension system allows for easy cleaning and no hard settling.

SwiftCut works well in a variety of applications including: cleaning before coating or mirror silvering, straightline edging and beveling, and precision optics polishing.


Interested in reducing the polishing cycle time?

After years of R&D work, Tyflong team successfully developed a solution that can produce the highest glass removal rate. The solution can reduce polishing cycle time by up to 30%. Contact us for further information.


JA-413 is a unique polishing powder with a proprietary formulation that ensures its slurry never hardens. If your polishing application requires a polishing slurry that never settles hard, that sediment stays soft permanently, JA-413 is your solution.

Tyflong Grinding and polishing wheels for glass processing

Tyflong supplies a full line of diamond wheels, grinding wheels, and polishing wheels for glass processing.

Tyflong online wheel catalog now available

Tyflong supplies complete sets of wheels for Bovone, Bavelloni Gemy, Neptun Rock, Fushan, Forvet, and Schiatti glass processing machines.

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