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Established in 2001, Tyflong International, Inc. is an American chemical company that is committed to supplying high quality and consistent surfacing materials for the flat glass and mirror, precision optics, electronics, ceramic, and semiconductor industries.


Tyflong develops, manufacturers, and markets customized and proprietary products including cerium oxide polishing powders, abrasive slurries, suspension liquids, high purity oxides, and polishing tools.


Years of research and development work have allowed us to develop cerium oxide based products with superior performance and functionality.


We continue to research ways to refine and improve our products so they will continue to deliver superior results for the most demanding surfacing applications.

Product Highlights

Tyflong Engineered Nano Cerium Oxide Materials

Cerium oxide in the form of fine particles is useful as a catalyst for reforming fuels and for abating polluting gas in automobile exhaust systems. Sub micron cerium oxide particles are useful as an abrasive for fine polishing of surfaces of certain materials, such as quartz and photomask.


DuraGloss Cerium Oxide Are you looking to improve your production cycle time? DuraGloss has the highest glass removal rate; which translates into shorter polishing time and lowered costs.


Tyrox-9000 New Gen is a new generation cerium oxide engineered for scratch removal application. It does not cake on the polishing pad. Sediment does not cake in the bottle.

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